Advancing the 3D web for everybody.

As countries, corporations, and consumers voyage into the undefined future of the 3D world wide web, the power of the collective wisdom in ThinkTank3D will provide invaluable insights. This group of unique, innovative, strategic thinkers who have a deep understanding of how to deliver rich human experiences will prove to be the magic elixir that leads to successful engagements.

As the unprecedented paradigm shift in communication and technology continues, the consumer will continue to gain control…brands, policy makers and influencers must understand how to develop meaningful relationships in this new environment. The evolution of society through communication and commerce, often reduced to algorithms and matrices, will give way to emotional involvement, experiential interactions and new business models. The democratization of Information and its ubiquity will drive us into the conceptual age (Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind). Those of us who understand how to satisfy the deep human needs as we provide functional, emotional and spiritual value through experiential engagement will achieve the greatest success for realizing our visions and promoting our messages be they for products, services or ideas.

Each of the leaders in ThinkTank3D are conceptual thinkers and astute entrepreneurs with a passion for the human connection. Their open source creative collaboration when applied to real world problems will lead to innovative solutions – solutions with executable strategies that will lead to measurable results.

ThinkTank3D creates an environment for the collaboration of content providers using mixed media and existing technology to develop best practices for “Enriching Interactions” in the developing 3D space. By creating engaging, immersive interactions built on existing infrastructure, with current and emerging technologies we will create new methodologies to promote enterprise development in the private and public sectors. Corporate, academic and social initiatives will result in wider reach and a more effective, more meaningful dialogue between the creators and their constituent audience, ultimately, resulting in higher productivity and greater brand loyalty.

We look forward to disscusing your goals and our vision of the future.

Harry Karidis